Certificate of Merit 2021




Certificate of Merit Evaluations

– Video submission date (All instruments)- March 8
– See video submission guidelines here
– Sight reading and theory exam- Feb.21-March 8
– Results publish date- March 24
– Parent results publish date- March 29


Certificate of Merit Honors Festival

The 2021 CM Honors Festival will take place TBD
-Chairs- TBD
1st Registration deadline TBD
2nd Registration deadline TBD

The Festival is for students who were awarded honors in the Certificate of Merit program. There is no enrollment fee for participation in this festival.

To qualify for Branch Honors, students must:

  • Be Level IV or higher
  • Receive a Good or an Excellent rating for technique
  • Receive an Average, a Good or an Excellent rating for sight-reading
  • Score 70% or higher on the theory test
  • Receive a 5-, 5, or 5+ for the chosen piece, which must be memorized [Memory requirements otherwise (keyboard only) are the same as for CM in general: 2 pieces memorized for Levels IV and higher, and the etude for Level X students must also be memorized.]


Certificate of Merit Honors Festival Rules and Guidelines

Music Teachers’ Association of California CERTIFICATE OF MERIT® 2020-2021 CM CALENDAR

For more info please visit the Certificate of Merit page