About MTAC

The Music Teachers’ Association of California incorporated in 1897 is a professional organization of approximately 4,500 members. MTAC is among the largest and most highly respected professional music teacher associations in the nation. Throughout it over 100 year history, MTAC has dedicated its efforts toward the pursuit of excellence in music education, to promote the welfare of the music teacher and to elevate the educational and teaching standards of its members. The San Fernando East Valley Branch was chartered in 1948 and currently has over 70 members teaching a variety of instruments and voice.

Our teachers strive to instill the love of music, to develop the students’ skills and help them realize their musical potential.

We are your resource for finding private music instruction in piano, strings, woodwinds, voice and other instruments. We offer diverse and enriching local music programs in addition to state association sponsored program.


The mission of the Music Teachers’ Association of California is:

  • To promote the stability of the music teaching profession.
  • To maintain the high professional standards of our members.
  • To maintain the exaction qualifications for membership in the organization establishing the active member as a qualified accredited teacher.
  • To promote the development of musical potential and ability in students.

Through our Certificate of Merit program over 28,000 students are annually adjudicated in performance, ear-training, sight-reading and music theory.

 MTAC teachers must fullfill the educational and professional requirements put forth on the State MTAC organization website : http://mtac.org